1010 Freedom Blvd. • Watsonville, CA 95076

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Beverage Servers

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Hot & Cold Beverage Servers

2.5 Gal. Beige Cambro (Hot & Cold)$16.00
3 Gal. Igloo Cold Only$11.00
5 Gal. Thermo Vat (hot/cold)$17.00
7 Gal. Thermo Vat (hot/cold)$17.00
3 Gal. Black Cambro$16.00
5 Gal. Black/Beige Cambro$17.00
Wine Chiller Glass Tabletop$15.00
Super Cooler Keg Holder$15.00
150 Qt. Ice Chest $15.00
Ice Chest Stainless on Wheels$25.00
Ice Chest Stainless Tommy Bahama $25.00
Assorted Stainless and Aluminum Drink BucketsCall for pricing
Rustic Metal Beverage Tubs$15.00
Giant Martini Glass Ice-Bucket (Floor Model)$20.00

Coffee Makers & Urns

35 Cup Stainless$11.50
42 Cup Stainless$12.50
55 Cup Stainless$13.50
100 Cup Stainless$15.00
Silver Tea / Coffee Pot$8.00
Small Silver Coffee Service$18.50
Large Silver Coffee Service$27.00
Silver Creamer & Sugar$7.50
Thermal Coffee Server$5.00

Punch Bowls

4 Gal. Petal Mist Plastic Punch Bowl w/ Ladle$9.50
2/3 Gal. Leaf Punch Bowl w/ Ladle$11.50-$13.50
2 Gal. Petal Mist Plastic Punch Bowl w/ Ladle$9.50
3 Gal. Cut-Glass Punch Bowl w/ Ladle & Tray $18.50
2 Gal. Ornate Cut-Glass Punch Bowl w/ Ladle$16.50
Silver Governor's Punch Bowl w/ Ladle$20.00
3 Gal. Silver Grape Leaf Punch Bowl w/ Ladle$17.50
3 Gal. Deluxe w/ Gold Punch Bowl w/ Ladle$19.50
Punch Cups40¢
Plastic Ladles $1.00

Glass Jar Beverage Servers

3 Gal. Metal Lid $20.00
2.5 Gal. $12.00
3 Gal. Pear$15.00
5 Gal$13.00
42 Cup White Ceramic$15.00
Beehive Shape w/ Stand$15.00
2 ½ Gal. Hammered Glass$15.00
2 ½ Gal. w/ Stand$15.00
2 Gal. Country Beverage Server$15.00